Band Info

This tab on the Web Site is dedicated to insuring that you have access to the various media /communications published for the REL Band. In this tab, you can view and/or down load our band newsletter (Raider Rhythms), get information on future events (trips), view the band lettering criteria, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and learn how to get status updates regarding the band by use of Twitter.

REL uses a plethora of resources in communicating with both our students and parents.  Today our students are relying less on email and more on text messaging.  Also, some parents tell us that they may sometimes check there emails once per day if that. So, we have started the new SMS (Text Messaging / Tweets) Headlines Feed. Whenever important info needs to be distributed, last minute changes arise, or important deadlines come up, we will send out an SMS to everyone enrolled in the Headlines Feed. Here are some examples of how we will use the new system (Twitter).

  • Marching Rehearsal has been cancelled due to weather.
  • Inspection time has changed to 5:15pm.
  • It is 11:00pm and we are just leaving the stadium. Estimated return time to REL is now 11:15pm.
  • The band has arrived back at the band hall. Students are ready to be picked up.
  • The Newsletter was just sent out with important information. If you don’t receive it, please email Mr. Castillo.