All-Region Band 2017-2018


There are 26 students advancing to Area to compete for placement in the Texas All-State Band.  They are indicated with an asterisk by their name.



*Elizabeth Mondragon 4th Symphonic Band

*Allecia Priest 8th Symphonic Band

Ellie Lyons 2nd Concert Band

Chris Rahn 7th Concert Band

Lauren Saddler 12th Concert Band

Sydney Kerley 13th Concert Band

Christian Bueno 14th Concert Band

Jayden Levrets 7th Freshman Band



*Matthew Spellman 1st Symphonic Band



*Hannah Flores 1st Symphonic Band

*Mason Hill 6th Symphonic Band

*Kelly Ring 10th Symphonic Band

*Elizabeth Boynton 1st Concert Band

Matthew Sorrels 11th Concert Band

Jakayla Brooks 5th Freshman Band

Chloe Vaughn 6th Freshman Band

Kelly Garrity 10th Freshman Band



*Katie Turner 2nd Symphonic Band

*Esteban Soto 1st Concert Band

Zachary Sorrels 2nd Concert Band

Brieanna West 1st Freshman Band

Emily Hamill 2nd Freshman Band


Alto Saxophone

*Benjamin wick 1st Symphonic Band

Symone Dunkley 8th Concert Band



Tenor Saxophone

*Kara Martinez 2nd Symphonic Band

*Josh Silva 3rd Concert Band

Jarred Scott 3rd Freshman Band


Baritone Saxophone

*Mariah Parnell



Homer Holt 4th Symphonic (All-State Jazz)

*Janice Salgado 8th Symphonic Band

Connor Benavidez 7th Freshman Band



*Cameron Miller 1st Symphonic Band

*Jared Cockrum 1st Concert Band

*Hayden Rasure 4th Concert Band

Sadie Frazier 9th Concert Band

Isaiah Rivera 4th Freshman Band



*Daniel English 1st Symphonic Band

*Ty Stevens 4th Symphonic Band

Savannah Singer 8th Concert Band

Rodney Johnson 4th Freshman Band

Coleton Camp 9th Freshman Band



Jacob Wilson 3rd Concert Band

Davis Jones 6th Freshman Band





*Truman DeWalch 4th Symphonic Band

Christian Quarles 2nd Concert Band

Chris Whitmore 3rd Concert Band

2nd Freshman Band

Taylor Decker 4th Freshman Band



*Enzo Terrell 1st Symphonic Band

*Tanner Lively 2nd Symphonic Band

*Matthew English 3rd Symphonic Band

*John Mark Grant 4th Symphonic Band

*Meagan Sheffield 5th Symphonic Band

*Sam Spurgin 6th Symphonic Band

Victoria Martinez 3rd Concert Band

Kyle Ferrer 5th Concert Band

Nathaniel King 7th Concert Band